Moved successfully our CAD-Data to BricsCAD

More flexibility in the Client OS and also an increased reliability for the 3D-Cad Development process were the targets for changing from Shark Pro to BricsCAD from Bricsys. With BricsCAD we have an adult §D mechanical CAD-Tool which is fitting our needs.

Improved 3D Capabilities and a file format standard which is used as industry standard are further arguments for BricsCAD. DWG is the Standard File Format also used by AutoDesk CAD-Software and nearly every CAD-System can read DWG Files.

While BricsCAD is not only a 2D Drafting System but also a 3D CAD-System based on the last Version of ACIS Modeler BricsCAD fulfills the industry standard and increases the security of the CAD-Data for our Customers.

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