Ukraine war produces risks for Jetbrains Users

Since we are normally absolute fans of the Jetbrains Software we had to realize that Jetbrains will fall under the sanctioning act of the Russian government and so the Russian offices could become part of the Russian state itself.

The risk that comes with this is that the code consistency and the anonymity of the code is possibly not given anymore. While Jetbrains is a chechian company it has it’s main development sites in Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia. The most off Jetbrains Employees are working in russia.

After the reaction of Medwew, the former Russian president we became aware that companies and facilities in the ownership of American or European companies will be property of the Russian state.

Therefore there is a big risk that the Software isn’t usable anymore for projects with confidential code. This drove us to the decision to remove the Jetbrains Software out of our Development and switch our development from Jetbrains Software to Netbeans IDE.

The entire Code of IntelliJIdea and the CLION C++ code can be reused with Netbeans IDE. Also the PHP Code can be edited and maintained completely with the Netbeans IDE.

Therefore we will be around ten days over our delivery dates for this year. We apologize for this circumstances but we could not know before that this step will be somewhen affordable like 20 Million other Java Developers.

Your Team Stueker Human Engineers

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